The Optimal Radar Solution for Counter-UAS and SHORAD

The only Counter-UAS and SHORAD radar that detects low, slow, and small flying objects over 7 kilometres away. Giving you more time to identify, assess and act in critical time-sensitive situations.

"I've got 35 solders on the ground. They say time moves slowly in a crisis. It doesn't"


Wiebel Radar 360

Ready to protect your assets?

The new XENTA C-UAS and SHORAD radars give you the time you need in critical, time-sensitive situations

Our key benefits, that gives you time for the right decision


XENTA radars have the capability to detect at long distances even the smallest micro-Doppler signals generated by propelled micro or mini-drones.


A XENTA radar is able to classify a DJI Phantom 4 micro-drone (1,300 grams) from its propellers beyond 5 kilometers.


As XENTA provides you more time for detecting and classifying an incoming object, you gain extra time to act and thus make the right decision.

Ensure safety on your watch

You can monitor the airspace around critical military and government installations including:


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Danish Weibel Scientific is the global leader in the market for advanced Doppler radar systems. For more than 40 years, we have sold cutting-edge radars around the world for use in space, aerospace, defense and missile defense systems. We have delivered more than 5,000 radars to more than 40 countries.​

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